RE/Search Publications Pranks Plus Pile-up (4 works)

RE/Search and Search & Destroy, V. Vale founder

Pranks! (hardcover), Pranks 2 (softcover), How to Stay Together Forever (zine), Goals of Life (xerox)
Starting bid

Warning: this auction lot will change your life! Get in on great value with this V. Vale variety pack! V. Vale of RE/Search Publications is serving up a double-decker prank parfait with a side slice of Krusty Wheatfield! That’s right, you’ll get the seminal RE/Search publication #11: Pranks! - which is chock-full of “devious deeds and mischievous mirth,” featuring all the top dogs in the prank think tank!

Also included: the not-to-be-dismissed follow-up, Pranks 2. While most paltry pubs only include a few new ideas, Pranks 2 touts 1,421 fresh schemes! Thrown into this palatable pile-up is Vale’s How to Stay Together Forever with illustrations by Krusty Wheatfield - and Vale’s Goals of Life, one single xerox sheet to rule them all! Bid now and begin reinventing reality and smashing the status quo!

Urgent Warning!
Contact the KUNSTCAPADES ART CRIME UNIT with your case-cracking tips! Hell, we’ll even take your wise-crackin’ quips! Include your address and we might just mail you an original KunstCapades coaster! Goes great with any glass.