as-seen-on-TV “Got Milk?” mashup (3 works)

Laura Hyunjhee Kim

milk carton, pen, colored pencil, paper
Starting bid

Got art? Instagram art guru and blobserver of the Blobosphere Laura Hyunjhee Kim has taken time out of her busy schedule of squirrel impersonation and raccoon wrangling to be the newest poster child for America's Got Milk? campaign! Now one lucky bidder can procure this AS-SEEN-ON-TV artist's milk-based musings for the mantel of their manse! Includes a helpful how-to that is bound to get the right side of your brain bumpin’ and your cholesterol pumpin’! Looking for a vegan option? Not to worry, Kim has scraped all traces of lactose from this lot!

This twice-signed performance prop ephemera pack includes:

  • Piece of milk carton used by the artist in the 2020 revival of the Got Milk? campaign
  • Pen and colored pencil rendering of the milk carton itself
  • Instruction manual: 1, 2, 3, 4
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