authorized steak rock replica


air-dry clay, paint, longing
Starting bid

The year? 1983. The place? A New England beach, yolk-lit in autumn dusk. The seeker? A young Masshole, oblivious to the astonishing flotsam soon to sear her comber’s focus. Lo! Among the nacre flakes, tide-tossed bladderwrack, and mermaid’s toenails: a relic of pastures far from these shores. Part animal, part mineral, 100% earthly delight. It was STEAK ROCK™, a sedimentary sirloin like no other. From carnivores and artists, to vegans and geologists, this KunstCapades-commissioned, Authorized Steak Rock Replica is for everyone - but could be yours, and yours alone.

Urgent Warning!
Contact the KUNSTCAPADES ART CRIME UNIT with your case-cracking tips! Hell, we’ll even take your wise-crackin’ quips! Include your address and we might just mail you an original KunstCapades coaster! Goes great with any glass.