untitled 2019… some say it could be haunted!

Juan Luna-Avin

gouache on paper
Starting bid

Here we have a fantastic painting by Juan Luna-Avin. But wait, there’s more! This painting doesn’t stop with great color and intricate juxtaposition; legend has it the artist felt the presence of a ghost while painting it in 2019. Not only that, some viewers of the painting have spoken! “I swear that painting has been following me around the room,” said one gazer. Another viewer was overheard inquiring, “Darling, do you think that’s the ghost of Captain Beefheart?” And a third Pennsylvania-based art connoisseur had this to say, “By the looks of it, that’s an octogenarian or nonagenarian… it could have been their last moment… maybe it’s a warning.” But don’t listen to these folks, see this specter for yourself! Bid today, and secure your chance to have your own two cents with this ghostly gouache!

Urgent Warning!
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