Official Let's Paint TV Inauguration Day Plate

Mr. Let's Paint aka John Kilduff

oil paint, wood
Starting bid

The brush strokes are still drying on this U.S. inauguration day charger fresh from the Let’s Paint TV Mint! Mr. Let’s Paint (aka John Kilduff) has bestowed upon us the 6th of only 46 tondi, or circular portraits, he will make in celebration of the 46th President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Fun fact: both Kilduff and Harris were born in Oakland and spent many a formative year in the East Bay. They could have easily crossed paths at the Berkeley Co-op or sat next to each other on the 51 AC Transit bus. Why not commemorate that imagined era too by enjoying a wedge of artisanal cashew cheese from your limited edition platter while on public transportation? Seize your chance to slurp that historic turp(entine) and rub elbows with that fresh chiaroscuro today!

Urgent Warning!
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