cheese sponge business card (10-pack)

Joey Enos

ink on sponge
Starting bid

Joey Enos brings home the cheddar like never before, and this could be your opportunity to make it rain! Here we have a lot of 10 original cheese sponge business cards in near-mint condition! The corners, printing, and centering all look good. Produced in 2010, they were originally distributed to galleries and artists all over the Bay Area for use in their bathrooms! One was even bequeathed to the legendary artist Paul McCarthy, who is said to have been seen using it in the studio loo! This cheese is hot, sliced, room temperature, and ultra-rare! With this 10-sponge lot you can flip nine, soak up some cash, and keep one for yourself! It’s an age-old investment strategy, and now it’s your turn to get a slice of the wheel. These are the last 10 surviving unused copies, so don’t miss out! Bid today!

Urgent Warning!
Contact the KUNSTCAPADES ART CRIME UNIT with your case-cracking tips! Hell, we’ll even take your wise-crackin’ quips! Include your address and we might just mail you an original KunstCapades coaster! Goes great with any glass.