James Tantum Starter Pack (3 works)

James Tantum

postcard, color xerography, color digital print and ink
Starting bid

Many a collector dreams of getting in on the ground floor of an emerging artist, but why not just skip the middleman and jump in on a mid-career artist’s starter pack! That’s right, now and only now can a single discerning bidder win the James Tantum Starter Pack! James Tantum, of “Let’s Ask Tantum” fame, is releasing not one, not two, but THREE tantalizing Tantum masterpieces, all in pretty decent condition for the low, low starting price of $21. All these items can be purchased individually from the artist, but the trio would otherwise run you upwards of $25! James Tantum: gotta catch ’em all!

Detailed info (3 printed works, 2 in color):
(3) Who Do You Blame? postcards, a little worn
(1) editioned coupon, #51 of 100, excellent shape
(1) copy of Teleological Expressionism (automatic imaginary dressing machine), detailing a clothing experiment the artist conducted in the 1990s; one of the few remaining from the 3rd printing!

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