untitled (let’s stick together)

crystal liu

two porcelain nails, note and instructions
Starting bid

Get in on this crystal liu porcelain nail two-fer and start 2 collections at once! Keep one for yourself and give the other one away! Included note states “let’s stick together,” so be sure about who you gift it to! These beautiful babies are made from only the highest quality bai dunzi - hand-crafted and fired in the kilns of Jingdezhen, aka the porcelain capital of the world! liu originally had 1,000 of these nails made for her installation titled “no moon at all,” which included a projection of a moon that moved across the wall. As liu repeatedly attempted to nail the moon down, hammering in handfuls as the orb slowly shifted position, a bunch of the nails broke - making the pristine duo for offer here even rarer than originally expected!

Urgent Warning!
Contact the KUNSTCAPADES ART CRIME UNIT with your case-cracking tips! Hell, we’ll even take your wise-crackin’ quips! Include your address and we might just mail you an original KunstCapades coaster! Goes great with any glass.