Thomas Hirschhorn camo tape with bonus mug


camo-printed packing tape
Starting bid

This original copy of camouflage-patterned tape can be wrapped around televisions and other household objects to create your very own Thomas Hirschhorn! But don’t call it a forgery on our behalf. We don’t endorse this type of thing, and we certainly wouldn’t authenticate, grade, and encapsulate your unique sculpture using KunstCapades Authentication and Grading Services to be sold for rare profits on eBay.

It’s not about the easy flip; just enjoy the sheer intensity this ultra-sticky camo tape brings to your surroundings and daily life in general! And if that’s not enough, there’s more! This new tape technology clings to just about anything! Try it on our limited-edition KunstCapades coffee mug, which comes with a one-year warranty! That’s right, you not only get the original Hirschhorn camo tape, you get the mug too. It’s a KunstCapades mega deal two-for-one! Now you can make your very own Thomas Hirschhorn KunstCapades coffee mug, which, again, is guaranteed for one full year. And if you thought that was all… you’re correct. It’s a two-for-one already for cripes’ sake! Get it while it’s still here!

Urgent Warning!
Contact the KUNSTCAPADES ART CRIME UNIT with your case-cracking tips! Hell, we’ll even take your wise-crackin’ quips! Include your address and we might just mail you an original KunstCapades coaster! Goes great with any glass.